1.x version


The extension adds the possibility for users to leave feedback impressions about a post (product, article, etc). This system can be activated for some post types, and replaces the default comments system.


To activate the reviews for a particular post type, add this code to your framework-customizations/theme/hooks.php:

if (!function_exists('_action_theme_activate_feedback')):
    function _action_theme_activate_feedback() {
        add_post_type_support($post_type, 'fw-feedback');
add_action('init', '_action_theme_activate_feedback');

Stars Feedback

The feedback-stars is a child extension that allows visitors to appreciate a post using star rating.


  • fw_ext_feedback_stars_get_post_rating() - returns brief information about the post’s votes.
  • fw_ext_feedback_stars_get_post_detailed_rating() - returns detailed information about the post’s votes.
  • fw_ext_feedback_stars_load_view() - renders the view that displays information about the votes. Usually used in the comments view.