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WordPress Shortcodes

This extensions gives a way to insert and render correctly Unyson shortcodes inside WordPress editor.

Understanding the purpose of this extension

At first, this extension is not a silver bullet for all of the use cases you may want to try, it is quite limited in what it can achieve. If you want to get more details you should really go and read the whole discussion on GitHub.


This document is a work in process.

The structure of a Unyson shortcode

At first, you should know that an Unyson shortcode consists of three parts that make him look the way it does:

  1. HTML. Usually it is located in view.php
  2. All of the static. Located in static.php
  3. Dynamic CSS. Enqueueud with wp_add_inline_style on 'fw_ext_shortcodes_enqueue_static:{name}'

Depending on your use case, it may be easier or harder to get those components rendered correctly. I’ll give a short table below that will make all of this clear.

  1. Shortcode in Post Editor
  2. Shortocde in wp-editor option type of any Page Builder Shortcode
  3. Shortocde in wp-editor that is inserted anywhere else (like Theme Settings or any OptionsModal)
use case vs. what you get HTML static.php dynamic css
1 Post Editor yes yes yes
2 Page Builder Shortcode yes yes no
3 Any wp-editor yes no no

Shortcodes in main post editor

By default, you’ll a get a button in the main post editor with all of the shortcodes that are enabled, except the section and column ones. This is actually the most simple use-case and you have nothing to do in order to get them working. Everything should be out of the box here.

You can in fact, customize which shortcodes are showed up using this snippet of code:

<?php if (!defined('FW')) die('Forbidden');

add_filter('fw:ext:wp-shortcodes:default-shortcodes', _set_default_shortcodes);

function _set_default_shortcodes($previous_shortcodes) {
    return array( 'button', 'notification' );