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Option Types

Every option has type as a required parameter. Its value should be an existing registered option type.


All option types must have .fw-option-type-{type} class on main/wrapper html element.


If the option type has css, all rules must be prefixed with .fw-option-type-{type} class:

/* correct */
.fw-option-type-demo .some-class {
    color: blue;

/* wrong */
.some-class {
    color: blue;


This is done to prevent css conflicts.


All javascript must stick to .fw-option-type-{type} class and work only within the main/wrapper element (no events attached to the body). If the option type has custom javascript events, those events must be triggered on the main element.

    .trigger('fw:option-type:demo:custom-event', {some: 'data'});

If it’s specified in the documentation that an option type has custom events, it means that you can attach event listeners on the elements with .fw-option-type-{type} class (not on body or fwEvents).


Do not confuse .fw-option-type-{type} with .fw-backend-option-type-{type} class which is used internally by the framework and should not be used in option type scripts.